Beldi Rugs

Rugs Beldi is a Moroccan word meaning traditional, rural and natural. It is also the perfect name for a company which sources vintage Moroccan rugs. Each Beldi rug is unique - an authentic piece of folk art, traditionally hand-woven by a married woman after she has had children. She would usually work on it each day, with love and care, sometimes for as long as a year. The rugs are firmly rooted in the culture and landscape that produced them as they are also made from the wool of sheep that roam Morocco's Middle Atlas Mountains. I love the colour, pattern and wonky shapes of all the different rugs, some dating back as far as the 1940's and 50's. From the surprisingly contemporary looking designs of the Beni Ouarain and Azilal rugs, to the wildly colourful Boucherouite and Boujad rugs. I am also intrigued by the story of how they were made and the idea that each rug tells us a little about the woman who crafted it.

Kids: Misha & Puff

misha puff misha puff


misha puff

misha puff

misha puff

I am loving the new spring collection from Misha and Puff. It features shrunken sweaters, pixie hats and romper suits, all hand-knitted with two-tone organic cotton and silk yarn in a chunky seed stitch. The shapes are just right for playing in and the choice of yarn gives the pieces a modern edge. The collection is also very unisex, which I am all for.

Misha and Puff was founded in 2011 after owner Anna's baby son spent his first winter keeping warm while swaddled head-to-toe in her handmade knits. She then set to work on creating a collection of thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, long-lasting heirloom pieces. Each piece is hand-knitted in New England and designed to be purchased a little big then worn until just a tad too small. Perfect for ever-growing kids!

Block Shop

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While living in India studying Mughal miniature painting, Lily Stockman encountered The Chhipa's, a family of master printers based in Bagru. Enlisting the help of her sister Hopie, a Harvard business graduate, together they founded Block Shop. The company make beautiful hand printed scarves inspired by the minimalist aesthetic of the North American desert. Their textiles are printed one at a time with carved wooden blocks and natural vegetable dyes using the same techniques that the Chhipa family have used for 350 years.

Art Dolls: Sarah Strachan

new-dolls-and-leather-29 vintage-dolls-horizontal-slide-standing


Sarah Strachan's dolls bring a smile to my face. Each doll is hand-made, completely unique and extremely stylish! Sarah studied sculpture and before having a family made creatures for Jim Henson’s creature shop in London. Now she lives in Devon making art dolls which are heirloom pieces to be treasured forever. Each doll takes hours to make, their limbs are wired so they are posable, their faces and sometimes even their clothes are hand-painted. I love their little outfits, which Sarah makes using vintage fabric and designer scraps. She also takes commissions – So if you have a favourite outfit, piece of fabric or style idea that you would like to be turned into a doll then you can contact Sarah and have your very own mini-me made.

Hooked Wool Drawings

I love a bit of textile art so these hooked wool drawings by Altoon Sultan are right up my street. These three pieces are part of a twenty-four part series in which linen is painted with egg tempera then stitched with hand-dyed wool. I find the contrast of the geometric forms on slubby linen combined with paint and embroidery intriguing. I particularly like the different layers of texture and the three-dimensional nature of the embroidery.