Cloth Books: Ex Libris Handmade

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I love these handmade cloth books by Victoria van der Laan. Victoria has been making things since 1976 and has an etsy shop selling her charming custom-made books for babies, kids and adults. I'm very impressed with her range of topics - there are books on science, dinosaurs, woodland creatures, musical instruments, fruit, mammals and transport to name just a few! Each book features interesting and non-traditional applique images as well as having a stylish typographic front cover. If you want a personalised book, Victoria can also embroider a child's (or adult's) name on the front, making a wonderful and very unique gift.

Kids: Lilly Marthe Ebener

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Lilly Marthe Ebener is a fashion editor and stylist, based in Paris. She also designs beautiful handmade knitwear. Lilly designs for adults and children but I think her babies' collection is the best. It features vintage ski-inspired sweaters, ponchos and woolly trousers all hand-knitted from 100% alpaca. Her accessories collection is pretty cute too with pom-pom trimmed boots, bonnets and mittens in lovely shades of fox brown, cream and crimson. For more information and stockists, please check out Lilly's website.

New Magazine: Kindling

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I am on a brief holiday in Scotland at the moment - visiting family, but I wanted to let you know about a new magazine that I am intrigued about, which celebrates fatherhood. Through essays, interviews, editorials, art and photography, Kindling Quarterly aims to highlight creative individuals whose work and lives are inseparable from their role as a parent. This is a welcome discussion, as men who are active caregivers are no longer a novelty in today's society and thankfully, the magazine does not present them as such. Instead it provides a thoughtful dialogue about fatherhood that is frequently missing from our current cultural landscape. While the subjects of Kindling's stories may be fathers, each issue is also designed to appeal to anyone interested in art, creativity and community, as the magazine playfully assesses and celebrates the multitude of experiences that form contemporary fatherhood. The first issue is out now and I am looking forward to seeing many more.

You Are My Wild

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I am fascinated by documentary photographs, particularly by those that manage to capture the everyday so beautifully. That is why I am excited to hear about You Are My Wild, a new project which brings together fourteen photographers, each taking a weekly portrait of their children. This is the first week and new images will be posted every Tuesday. I look forward to following and seeing how the project evolves over time.

Images above by Rebecca Conway, Meaghan Curry, Ryan Marshall & Shelby Brakken.