A Few Photos...

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1. Watching windmills blowing in the breeze. 2. Fred enjoying some spring sunshine. 3. Picking and eating lots of rhubarb from the garden. 4. We dug out this old rug from the attic that I designed with Stepevi a few years ago. 5. Learning new words with these animal alphabet flash cards by Lisa DeJohn. 6. Wren, always curious, always investigating. 7. Her new boots.

My House: Guinea Truckle

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Exciting news! We have decided to try letting our house out as a holiday cottage for the rest of the year. This is something we've been thinking about for a while now and we have finally decided to go for it. We have a new website and are delighted to have been classed as a Special Place to Stay by Alastair Sawday's. You can read our review here. At the moment we have availability for the whole year so if you know of anyone who would like a holiday in a beautiful and characterful cottage by the sea in Cornwall, please pass them our link. Thank you!


A Few Photos...

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It's been ages since I've done one of these posts. We've been so busy that I forget to pick up the camera. I really want to change this though, because if nothing else, I want the memories to look back on in years to come. Here are a few things that we've been doing lately...

1, 5 & 6. Admiring the buildings at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth. 2. Making friends with watering cans. 3. Spring cleaning. 4. Smiling and growing. 7. Exploring the garden.

New Magazine: Kinfolk

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The new issue of Kinfolk magazine has just been released and it has a tasty ice cream theme. Those of you that know me, know that I have a close relationship with this subject as I used to own and run a vintage ice cream van! More on that later... Anyway, the new issue of Kinfolk looks delicious. It celebrates spring and focuses on shared loves which bring us together: the enjoyment of food, friends and family, and time spent in company whether around the table or out of doors.


A Few Photos...

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Everybody is busy getting ready for Christmas right now; last minute present buying, wrapping and menu planning. We are staying at home this Christmas and having a few friends over for lunch - it should be fun! Here's a look at our decorations.

1. We made these crepe paper and tissue garlands to string along the ceiling beams. 2. A Christmas tree didn't seem very toddler-proof so we hung our decorations on twigs instead. 3. Fairy lights and a walrus. 4. Hand-painted sticks with wooly hats on. 5. My favourite old-fashioned concertina garlands.