I'm not sure if anybody still reads this blog but if you do, you'll notice that a few changes have been made. In a bid to simplify and focus more on what I am interested in, I'll be writing more about craftsmanship, materials, people and their processes. In fact, much of it will be very similar to before, just presented in a slightly different way. It turned out that Futurustic wasn't a very good name. Almost everybody read and heard it incorrectly as Futuristic, causing a lot of confusion in emails, social media tags and general conversation. As anyone who knows me will testify, I'm really not very futuristic, so it seemed strange and I got tired of trying to explain a silly name.

I hope that Modern Craft Workshop is a clear and simple title that tells you something about the site's content. I'll be profiling some exceptionally skilled craftspeople, celebrating materials, techniques and good design. I aim to post once a week on a Thursday, because a little bit of routine (but not too much) is good for everyone. I hope you'll enjoy what you see.