A Few Photos...

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1. Watching windmills blowing in the breeze. 2. Fred enjoying some spring sunshine. 3. Picking and eating lots of rhubarb from the garden. 4. We dug out this old rug from the attic that I designed with Stepevi a few years ago. 5. Learning new words with these animal alphabet flash cards by Lisa DeJohn. 6. Wren, always curious, always investigating. 7. Her new boots.

A Few Photos...

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It's been ages since I've done one of these posts. We've been so busy that I forget to pick up the camera. I really want to change this though, because if nothing else, I want the memories to look back on in years to come. Here are a few things that we've been doing lately...

1, 5 & 6. Admiring the buildings at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth. 2. Making friends with watering cans. 3. Spring cleaning. 4. Smiling and growing. 7. Exploring the garden.

A Few Photos...

1. Foxy gifts for baby Freddie. 2. One month old already. 3. Cosy days in front of the fire. 4. Wren rocking dungarees AND a ponytail. 5. A handmade rabbit from Grandma. 6. Sad my favourite local shop has closed down but happy about the child's chair and skittle that I got from their closing down sale!

A Few Photos...

The nesting began in earnest this week as we got everything ready in time for the new arrival...

1. Little Miss Wren watching and helping. 2. I made a simple branch and paper mobile. 3. Cute hand knitted baby clothes courtesy of Grandma. 4. Lazy cat lying in the sun. 5. A hazy photo that turned out to be a happy mistake.

A Few Photos...

We are busy making lots of small changes around here - preparing for winter and a new baby.

1. A new storage trolley for baby boy's things. 2. Temporary seating as I attempt to make loose covers for our armchairs. 3. A few black and white cushions added to the mix. 4. Hot chocolate time all the time.

A Few Photos...

We just got back from a fun holiday visiting friends and family in the southeast of England. We stayed at the truly lovely Hawthbush Farm in Sussex and had a great time hanging out, eating macaroons and enjoying the local area.

1. Wren running towards the farmhouse. 2. Our kitchen in The Cowshed. 3. Scrapwood utility cupboards. 4. Futurustic lighting. 5. Portrait of a stranger. 6. Our bedroom. 7. Barns and a baby. 8. Visiting the shepherd's huts. 9. Having fun amongst the hay bales.