Cloth Books: Ex Libris Handmade

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I love these handmade cloth books by Victoria van der Laan. Victoria has been making things since 1976 and has an etsy shop selling her charming custom-made books for babies, kids and adults. I'm very impressed with her range of topics - there are books on science, dinosaurs, woodland creatures, musical instruments, fruit, mammals and transport to name just a few! Each book features interesting and non-traditional applique images as well as having a stylish typographic front cover. If you want a personalised book, Victoria can also embroider a child's (or adult's) name on the front, making a wonderful and very unique gift.

Kids: Lilly Marthe Ebener

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Lilly Marthe Ebener is a fashion editor and stylist, based in Paris. She also designs beautiful handmade knitwear. Lilly designs for adults and children but I think her babies' collection is the best. It features vintage ski-inspired sweaters, ponchos and woolly trousers all hand-knitted from 100% alpaca. Her accessories collection is pretty cute too with pom-pom trimmed boots, bonnets and mittens in lovely shades of fox brown, cream and crimson. For more information and stockists, please check out Lilly's website.

Kids: Misha & Puff

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I am loving the new spring collection from Misha and Puff. It features shrunken sweaters, pixie hats and romper suits, all hand-knitted with two-tone organic cotton and silk yarn in a chunky seed stitch. The shapes are just right for playing in and the choice of yarn gives the pieces a modern edge. The collection is also very unisex, which I am all for.

Misha and Puff was founded in 2011 after owner Anna's baby son spent his first winter keeping warm while swaddled head-to-toe in her handmade knits. She then set to work on creating a collection of thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, long-lasting heirloom pieces. Each piece is hand-knitted in New England and designed to be purchased a little big then worn until just a tad too small. Perfect for ever-growing kids!

Jess Brown Dolls

I am slightly obsessed with dolls at the moment as I want to buy Wren a doll for Christmas. It will be her first doll so I want it to be special. I've been looking into all the different options available - rag doll, vinyl doll, Waldorf doll, soft-bodied doll - the list is pretty long and confusing! One thing has become apparent though and that is that most dolls are weird, ugly creatures that I don't want in my home! This is certainly not the case with Jess Brown's beautiful rag dolls though. I love their wide starry-eyed gaze and heart-shaped mouth, their tea-stained bodies and their cashmere hair cropped close to their heads. Jess's dolls are handmade from scraps of high quality vintage fabric and if I was buying a doll for myself (not a one and a half year old) these are definitely what I would choose.

Kids: Cabbages & Kings

With winter coming, my thoughts have turned to wrapping up my little ones in lots of woolly layers. Cabbages & Kings collection of colourful leg warmers and infinity scarves are perfect for this, as they can be thrown on top of everyday clothes to add extra warmth. Also, because the pieces are unisex and can be worn by several age groups, they are great for sharing between siblings – something I am increasingly having to think about…

The range was launched this year by Alexandra Gizela, a former model who was inspired to create her own line of accessories when she couldn’t find any that she particularly liked for her own children. Fascinated by Andean culture, specifically the centuries long traditions of weaving and hand-knits, she decided to make this the starting point for her collection.

All the accessories are hand made by Peruvian artisans in a fair trade environment. The weavers work in collaboration with a network made up of community groups, churches and non-governmental organizations to strengthen the local economy and community. The result is a collection of beautifully made, fair trade and fun, kids accessories.