Beldi Rugs

Rugs Beldi is a Moroccan word meaning traditional, rural and natural. It is also the perfect name for a company which sources vintage Moroccan rugs. Each Beldi rug is unique - an authentic piece of folk art, traditionally hand-woven by a married woman after she has had children. She would usually work on it each day, with love and care, sometimes for as long as a year. The rugs are firmly rooted in the culture and landscape that produced them as they are also made from the wool of sheep that roam Morocco's Middle Atlas Mountains. I love the colour, pattern and wonky shapes of all the different rugs, some dating back as far as the 1940's and 50's. From the surprisingly contemporary looking designs of the Beni Ouarain and Azilal rugs, to the wildly colourful Boucherouite and Boujad rugs. I am also intrigued by the story of how they were made and the idea that each rug tells us a little about the woman who crafted it.